Hi, my name is cory

My Story

I found the gym later than most people in the fitness industry. I spent most of my youth skateboarding or snowboarding and did not relate those who had a gym membership or played competitive sports. I decided to join a gym in college with one of my good friends and what was once just something to do with my buddy turned into something I was really passionate about.

The aspect of making myself stronger day after day really motivated me and I found myself wanting more. My interests started in bodybuilding and while I was able to gain a lot of muscle quickly, I also ended up with nagging injuries. To get my pain under control I changed my focus to strength training, then power lifting and it seemed to me the more strength I acquired, the more it helped me deal with my pain. It eventually backfired and I started having issues again to the point that I could barely walk at the end of the day. I felt defeated. I tried seeing a conventional Physical Therapist, a Doctor, and a Chiropractor who all helped, but my pain still relapsed and I wasn’t able to do what I enjoyed in and outside of the gym.

During my first year of personal training I heard about the Postural Restoration Institute from trainers and Physical Therapists that I looked up to. I ended up taking a course and it blew my mind! I was doing everything wrong! I did a few of their techniques and the relief was instant. Fast forward to today and I have taken the main concepts from the postural restoration institute and have applied it to my clients training as well as my own. Now, my passion has become helping others with finding a sustainable strategy for fitness. I help people learn how to move their body in order to allow proper bio mechanics and long term success.