Body for life

In 12 weeks you will:
move pain free and be able to get back to the activities that you love

Wake up feeling refreshed and mobile

Restore optimal posture

Move without fear again

what do you get when you sign up?

A custom, app delivered, exercise and posture program.

Custom exercise videos with detailed movement cues to get you moving better than ever!

An onboarding meetup where we will go through a movement assessment, get you familiar with all the exercises and use of the app.

A 1 on 1 call one week into the program to dial everything in. We'll also meet on week 4 and 8 before phase changes to go over all of the new exercises.

Weekly 15 minute solution calls to ensure your success (optional).

Weekly check ins with video feedback.


still not sure?

Book a 15 minute clarifying call with me!


She went from struggling to getting out of bed to enjoying exercise and getting her body back!

She went from struggling to exercise due to a back fusion and neck pain to being able to working out, practicing yoga and feeling functional again!

She went from debilitating back pain to moving without fear!

He went from crippling back pain and foot pain to losing over 50 pounds and having weight lifting as an outlet that he enjoys!

She saw results much faster than expected and stopped injuring herself in her everyday life