How to Truly Increase Your Ankle Mobility

Unleashing Ankle Mobility: Your Personal Guide to Relieving Pinching and Enhancing Foot Function 



When it comes to your limited ankle mobility, it’s common to think about tight calf muscles or muscle restrictions. But what if there’s more to the story? In this, we’ll explore the underlying causes of your ankle mobility limitations and discover practical methods to improve your foot function.  


Understanding Your Pinching Sensation:

You may have noticed that every time you stretch your calf you just feel a pinch on the front of your ankle. The reason behind this discomfort lies in your foot’s inability to flatten out or in more technical terms, pronate. It’s the pronation, the turning in of your shin bone, and the proper functioning of your ankle joint that are affected. Often, individuals who experience this issue, also have high arches, toes turned out more than they should, and sometimes even bunions on the inside part of their feet.

The true issue:

The real reason for limited ankle mobility is that your foot or actually your entire body is stuck in a pushing state. The calves are made to push us forward and if the body is stuck in that forward pushing state then the calves are never going to turn off. This isn’t just a muscle thing though. Your entire body structure will change in order to keep pushing you forward. The feet in this picture down below are a great example or a foot that has been stuck in the pushing motion for a long time.

The Solution:

To overcome your limited ankle mobility, it is essential to focus on promoting foot pronation and enhancing your foot’s mobility. By pushing down on your arch, we’ll encourage your foot to flatten and achieve better heel contact. Shifting your center of mass slightly backward will reduce your reliance on your feet for propulsion. As we restore heel contact, foot mobility, and the rotation of your shin bone, the limitation imposed by your calf muscles will diminish. You’ll notice that your center of mass shifting backward reduces reflexive calf activity, transforming your foot from a pushing foot to one that emphasizes heel contact and more pulling. 


Try this exercise to help you start this journey:

Manual Techniques for Your Foot Mobility:

In addition to exercises, incorporating manual techniques will further enhance your foot mobility. You can start by placing your hand on top of your foot and pressing the arch down while driving your knee forward. This simple technique facilitates the synchronization between your shin and ankle, helping to improve your ankle mobility. Another approach involves setting up in a specific position, shifting forward, and rotating your shin bone inward. By pushing down on your arch and repeating these movements, you’ll gradually improve your ankle mobility.


This technique works in synergy to enhance your foot and shin bone mobility:

To really get these new foot mechanics to work we need to integrate it into upright activities. 

This is a great way to make foot pronation fun. Try adding this drill to your next workout:



Your ankle mobility journey begins now. You’re about to witness the transformative power of unlocking your ankle’s potential and experiencing a newfound synergy between your foot and shin bone. Say goodbye to pinching discomfort and hello to enhanced foot function.

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