Build a body for Life

“First Move Well, Then Move Often”

– Gray Cook

Why should you join?

After being a trainer for the past 10 years this is the best format that I have found to help people reach their specific goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

If you were to train with me 1 on 1 like most trainers and clients do, then I would only be impacting one to three hours of your life each week. With this program I can help you throughout the entire week with lifestyle habits and workouts.  

I find that more workouts in smaller duration is the best way to get optimal results. Normal 1 on 1 training does not make this possible. It would be far too expensive, and the time restraints would make it extremely tedious.  

With this program you get the benefit of custom programs, full access to an experienced coach, and a flexible schedule for completing your workouts. 

How does it work?

The “Body for Life” program is in periods of 3 months.  

For the three months you will have the option to attend group meetings or meet with me 1 on 1 up to once a week for 5o minutes each meeting.  

During our meeting we will go through a movement assessment to ensure that you are doing the correct exercises for your body. Then we will go over each exercise that you will be performing over the next four weeks. I will also ensure that you know how to read the program using the Trainerize app.  

Each exercise will have a video attached within the app that explains and demonstrates the exercise in a detailed way.  

After your get started on your program I will send you a check in form each week for you to complete. After you complete the form, I will give you feedback. That way we can work on solutions for maintaining your exercise and lifestyle habits.  

If you ever need anything along the way you can message me though the Trainerize app and I will make modifications or answer any questions that you may have. 

How do I start?

Just click the button below to fill out an intake form and then schedule your success call with me! 

Credentials and experience


I’m an avid skier who wants to be able to ski aggressively without getting tired or sore. While I do lots of cardio on my own, I’ve realized that I was weak in some areas where only strength training would help. I’ve been training with Cory Payne for 3 years and it has been amazing. Not only am I able to ski – all day – but I can ski miles of moguls, hike to the best runs and outlast anyone.  Cory is VERY knowledgeable about everything that matters including anatomy, fitness, nutrition, and so much more. His focus on precision means that I have never gotten injured while working out with him but I’m still in the best shape of my life.

Dee Dee Walsh

When I started to train with Cory, I was in reasonably good shape because I walk my dog every day and I have a horse. However, because I’m 81 years old, strength training is critical for me. What I like about Cory is that he adjusts the workout to take into account my age and my abilities – he always pushes me, but never too hard and I’ve never gotten injured. I know it’s working because I can do anything I want physically. I went to Hawaii this summer and spent days in the surf – before that I went all over Europe and never got tired. I like to show my muscles to my grandkids – they’re always impressed.

Barbara Llewellyn

I’ve been working with Cory for a few years, now.  His knowledge of anatomy and PRI have really helped me regain mobility after years of knee problems, and continues to help minimize injury as I charge ahead into assorted hikes and other physical challenges that could be considered audacious for someone my age.  And while we spend some time on postural and gait improvement exercises, we also spend time on strengthening exercises, including deadlifts and kettlebell snatches, that really have increased my overall strength and improved my physique.  I look forward to my weekly workouts with him! 

Joanne Schell

I have enjoyed working out with Cory for over a year. He motivates me to do my best and his workouts are tailored to be challenging but within my abilities. Cory makes sure I am using good form when weight lifting, and he has helped increase my strength considerably. He is trained in the techniques of Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) and my workouts incorporate a lot of functional PRI movements which has helped resolve a lot of pain and has taught me to how to move properly and generate more power in athletic movements. I would recommend Cory to anyone seeking a personal trainer whether they just want a good strength training workout or improve thier movement and posture.

Kevin Smith

Cory’s creative approach to developing workouts geared toward movement, form, stability, and strength have helped me with significant weight loss, increased confidence in the gym, and for the first time in my life, I actually feel excited about seeing increases every week in what I can do. I’ve worked with Cory for almost three years and our sessions have become a highlight in my week! I feel very lucky to get to work with a trainer who is motivated to learn new techniques and approaches, curious by nature at how people approach training, and wants to explore new ways of thinking about exercise.

Erin Flaucher

As a physical therapist, I value Cory and the high level of training he provides for my patients. Cory has a wide knowledge base for treating clients of all ages and ability levels. He provides accurate feedback. He is very capable at assessing quality of movement to make sure that my patients do not just compensate and reinforce poor movement patterns. I trust Cory and would highly recommend him for any fitness, training, or movement goals.

Jerimia Ferguson

I have been working with Cory for several years and thanks to his help, I have not only been making steady progress towards my goals, but have created new goals with his help and am working toward them. He has helped me improve my core strength and posture which has eliminated my back pain. He is an athlete himself, participating in weight lifting events, and is constantly learning and keeping up to date with new advances within the field. This allows him to pull from a vast knowledge base so that he can seamlessly meet me where I am instead of having an expectation of where I should be. He creates an individual plan for me making real-time modifications as necessary to help me continue progressing in a very supportive and fun environment.

Salvador Ramirez

Hands down Cory is the absolute best personal trainer I've had. He pushes you and pays close attention to your body to make sure you are doing the exercises the right way. He is also super attentive and knowledgeable and very easy to talk to.

Martin Sanchez