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What people say after their movement assessment

"I didn't expect to move that much but That's cool."

"That's wild! That was a really big difference!"

"Yeah, it felt way better. I could definitely feel the mobility difference."

"I really feel now, it's like you opened my back, you know? When I did that before, I feel a little stiff, but now I can move there and it's easy."

"Wow that feels way better!"

"Really good! It’s much, much easier to breathe into my back now and I can feel my body adjusting as my hip change happens as well."


She went from struggling to getting out of bed to enjoying exercise and getting her body back!

She went from struggling to exercise due to a back fusion and neck pain to being able to working out, practicing yoga and feeling functional again!

She went from debilitating back pain to moving without fear!

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