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what to expect during the movement assessment

We will meet and talk about your exercise history, any limitations or injuries, and your specific goals you’d like to achieve. Then we will go through your movement assessment to see exactly how you move in order to pin point the exercises that you need to enable your fitness success.

After 50 minutes you will discover :

  • Your specific limitations (that you don’t even know about) that are preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Identify the your roadblocks that are preventing you from moving well.
  • The one drill that pinpoints your limitations and improves your movement assessment immediately!
  • Clarity on what your next best steps are and if it makes sense for us to work together, we can talk about those options.

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She went from struggling to getting out of bed to enjoying exercise and getting her body back!

She went from struggling to exercise due to a back fusion and neck pain to being able to working out, practicing yoga and feeling functional again!

She went from debilitating back pain to moving without fear!

He went from crippling back pain and foot pain to losing over 50 pounds and having weight lifting as an outlet that he enjoys!

She saw results much faster than expected and stopped injuring herself in her everyday life